Top 6 Best Waterproof Dog Bed Covers in the USA with Buying Guide

The total pet accessories spending market in the United States crossed over 100 billion USD industry sales as per the recent report by American Kennel Club. It states that people are more concerned than ever about the required accessories for their dog-child. And it is quite obvious that the most necessary accessory for dogs is a comfortable pet bed and hence makes bed covers an essential product. For that reason, this article majorly covers all the preferred details about the Best Waterproof Dog Bed Covers that are an automatic necessity with a pet bed.

A pet bed is a product that all parents seek as a one-time investment because they want their dog-child to experience no lack in comfort and secondly want a premium material that does not arise compatibility, tearing etc issues. Hence most pet owners tend to use premium pet beds for maximum durability.

But we as a part of our job constantly interact with pet parents and analyzing their reviews commonly points to the problem that stock bed covers come with even premium pet beds have poor quality and due to duplicate products it is hard to find a genuine premium quality dog bed covers in the online space. That is the reason we sum up this detailed article to resolve this impactful and stressful problem of dog parents once with our research-based accumulative list of Waterproof bed covers that is top-notch both in build and features.

6 Best Waterproof Dog Bed Covers in USA 2022 (Washable Liners)

There is one classic confusion between dog parents is that it is a necessity to have a pet bed before buying bed covers because pet bed covers are an extension accessory of a pet bed but it is a misconception because pet beds can be used on furniture, car seats, carpets, etc. despite being pet bed covers solely. Hence, the below-listed products fulfill all these multidimensional needs.

1. PetAmi Waterproof Dog Bed Cover for Large Dogs

PetAmi Waterproof Dog Bed Cover for Large Dogs

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The major selling point of this pet bed is the level of cushioning it achieves with a stronghold on waterproof functionality. It is a general issue with premium pet beds, especially in the case of physically sensitive dogs that brands mainly focus on premium builds and comfort and lack the waterproof ability of the bed. This dog bed cover fills this gap by adding an extra blanky effect. With its advancements in cushioning it can also be used as a standalone product with furniture, car seats, etc.

This Extra large waterproof dog bed comes with a reversible functionality that is equipped with sherpa linings on one end and 460 GSM of microfibre polyester fleece on the other. It means that it can provide dual material comfort to the dog depending on the mood. It is designed in a blanket style that has a soft plush plaid design for softness to enhance the warmth and a cozy feel for your pet.

It is a Waterproof dog bed for outdoor as well as for indoor use because of the thick warm sherpa and fleece material and it is also reinforced on both sides so that no liquid like urine passes within the interior surface of the bed. Overall a great help for both you and your pet in terms of comfortability as well as cleanliness.

Key Features

  • 460 GSM microfiber polyester
  • Reversible use case
  • Soft plush plaid design
Things We Like
  • Advance cushioning levels
  • Extra blanky effect
  • Dual material comfort
  • Sherpa linings
  • Thick fleece
  • Thick and warm sherpa
  • Both sides Waterproofed
  • Extra-large sizes
Things We Didn't Like
  • Hard after wash dry
  • Less fur amount

2. Milliard Removable Waterproof Non-slip Dog Bed Replacement Cover

Milliard Removable Waterproof Non-Slip Dog Bed Replacement Cover

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Despite the first glance look of this pet bed cover where it appears to be thin, this Milliard pet bed provides non-leakage of any liquid, especially urine for hours. This means that this replaceable cover on a premium pet bed can easily soak urine within itself for the whole night, giving a dry surface to the pet and not making the bed surfaces wet.

It comes with an ultra-soft velour surface that has a slippery fabric in the linear part for soaking the liquid so that the upper surface becomes dry for the pet. The liquid is then stored in the bed because there is an ABD plastic surface in the bottom interior that stops liquid from leaking as well as providing a base for a secure non-slip bottom that makes the bed steady with the pet bed.

This bed cover is completely machine washable and designed to provide the utmost convenience to both parents and dog pets. It is undoubtedly a premium Waterproof dog bed cover replacement. The only limitation with this cover is that it comes in specific sizes of Small, medium, large and extra-large size making it limited as a pet bed cover instead of a multipurpose one that can be used on furniture, car seats, etc.

Key Features

  • Ultra-soft velour surface
  • ABD plastic bottom liners
Things We Like
  • 100% waterproofing
  • Large soaking hours
  • Whole night coverage
  • Make surface dry
  • Secure non-slip bottom
  • Machine washable
Things We Didn't Like
  • Works only with pet beds
  • Grip dots fall in the wash

3. Molly Mutt Armor – Water Resistant Nylon Dog Bed Inner Liner

Molly Mutt Armor - Water Resistant Nylon Dog Bed Inner Liner

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The specialty of this Molly Mutt Armor bed cover is that it is designed rigid with a strong focus on waterproofing to ensure that there are no repercussions of accidents like urinating of bed for either your injured pet child or training dogs who wet the bed. Not only this but the fashion point is also considered by the manufacturer so that it looks nice on premium pet beds.

The bed uses a high-quality nylon liner that is easy to clean with only a few towel wipes. The bed is designed with stretch fabric liner that further provides it comfortability to arrange the bed surface and not feel like a plastic sheet on a dog’s skin. These features make it premium and differentiate it from other similar low-quality plastic sheet bed covers.

The outer nylon liner has high-quality zippers on the sides that protect the inner bed completely from any type of liquid. The bed cover does not hold urine smell easily because of nylon hence it does not make your pet uncomfortable with bad smell even when you delay in washing.

Key Features

  • High-quality nylon liner
  • Stretch fabric interior
Things We Like
  • Rigid design
  • Focused waterproofing
  • Strong grip
  • Premium zippers
  • Not hold smell
  • Enhanced Aesthetics
  • Machine washable
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Larger size variants
Things We Didn't Like
  • Target specific pet beds
  • No Zipper coverings

4. SPORT PET Luxury Waterproof Pet Bed

SPORT PET Luxury Waterproof Pet Bed

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The bed targets any age dog including older and injured pets, hence making it a great premium quality pet bed cover that focuses on elder age comfortability. This pet bed from SPORT PET is one of their luxury highlights. It is a waterproof dog bed cover made of polyester material that provides cushioning comfort to your pet.

The outermost layer of this bed cover consists of faux fur that provides a snuggling feel to your pet. While the inner surface is made of high-density comfy foam that provides cushioning of the cover hence can even be used with beds that are majorly focused on orthopedic foam hence lacking cushioning.

There is also a premium layer of waterproof liner installed below the faux fur that withholds the capabilities to stop liquid from entering inside the bed cover. Also, the bed cover is completely machine washable with no issue of falling fur.

The only minor problem with this product is that it is majorly designed for donut-shaped pet beds hence limiting its usage on all other shaped pet beds.

Key Features

  • High-density comfy foam
  • No furs fall in drying
  • Huge Age Spectrum
  • Focus on older dogs
  • Premium polyester material
  • Faux fur surface
  • Luxurious softness
  • Premium inner liner
  • Waterproof layerings
  • Machine washable
  • Non-shredded Foam
  • Not for destructive dogs

5. 4Knines Dog Bed Liner

4Knines Dog Bed Liner

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4Knines established its brand value majorly in the United States because of its customer-centric premium dog accessories. This pet bed cover they are offering maintains the same reputation with its simple yet premium features.

The bed cover is extremely soft, waterproof, and quiet, that’s why it’s going to protect your dog from accidents and other wetness issues. The specialty is that it is an Extra large waterproof dog bed that not only offers premium quality but is also not only limited to any particular shape and size of the bed. Although the main shape of this bed cover is rectangular it can also be used with other shape beds because of the variety of available sizes.

It is manufactured with their 4Knines waterproof liner that is a top-quality feature maintained and assured by the brand. Moreover, the bed is completely machine washable and dryer friendly. The zippers are also high quality. In short, it is the best of the best one can find in the online space.

Key Features

  • Extremely soft
  • Enhanced Waterproofed
  • Extra-large sizes
Things We Like
  • Pet focused design
  • Premium build
  • Fits on any bed
  • High polymer liner
  • Machine washable
  • Dryer friendly
  • High-quality zipper
Things We Didn't Like
  • Not for destructive dogs
  • Hard after wash drying

6. Waterproof Liner for Big Barker Dog Bed

Waterproof Liner for Big Barker Dog Bed

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A simple-looking yet another parent-favorite pet bed cover, majorly famous because of its brand guarantee of 100% waterproofing and practically tested by multiple pet owners.

The product claims robust waterproofing so that even in case of the worst accidents, moisture or liquid of any kind will not be able to penetrate this bed cover. As it also states to be molded with the shape of any pet bed a parent may own and also has features of a headrest in the very edition, it makes it a considerable option for pet owners because of its specific quality claims.

It is a USA-based product that is manufactured with the same materials as found in hospital beds that are quality assured by the authorities on safe and quality materials. It is also claimed by the brand that each of their bed covers is separately stress-tested for yielding long-lasting and comfortable results.

The fabric of the bed is very quiet hence does not make any kind of noise when pets step, tosses, or turn on it. Also, the bed is completely machine washable and does not hold any bed smell as it is common in such types of local bed covers.

Key Features

  • 100% waterproofing
  • Hospital bed material
  • Mold in desirable shapes
Things We Like
  • Robust designing
  • Stressed tested
  • Headrest premium edition
  • Quality assurance
  • USA based manufacturing
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Quiet fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Not holding bed smells
Things We Didn't Like
  • Hard to keep it warm
  • Low-quality zippers

Waterproof Dog Bed Covers – Things to Consider

Waterproof Dog Bed Covers

As we see in a detailed analysis of the most popular Waterproof bed cover, it is quite obvious that all pet bed covers offer separate functionalities. Some understand the medical needs of the dogs while some focus on comfortability more. It is easy to get confused with so many choices and hence in this section we see mandatory things that a parent must seek before selecting a pet bed cover.


A bed cover is primarily manufactured to stop unnecessary liquid like urine, spills, etc. from entering inside. Some beds offer more advanced functionality of soaking so that the above surface of the pet cover remains dry but promising waterproofing also works great.

Machine Washable

A bed cover is designed to protect premium pet beds from stains, spills, urinating, etc. but dogs also require a clean surface to lie down hence machine washability is also a must to check before buying.

Dryer Friendly

As per industry standards, it is accepted that a pet bed cover is easy to care for parents hence a bed cover without a drying feature is not a worthy deal. Also, some bed covers have fur on them so make sure they won’t fall while washing and drying.

Quality Zippers

A bed cover is regularly washed hence a quality zipper is one of the must-have necessities.

Pros and Cons of Dog Bed Covers

Well while taking thought of pet bed cover into account, a parent must know its pros and cons that represent their effect on both parent’s and dog’s life. After all, it is a change in the most comfortable


  • The pros of a bed cover are primarily that it enhances the cleanliness around your dog-child lying area hence making it feel comfortable.
  • A pet bed cover is easy to clean in comparison to a whole premium pet bed.
  • More importantly, it provides waterproofing capabilities hence enhancing the durability of the pet bed.
  • It is easy to change the bed cover if your dog doesn’t like it, instead of the same situation with a premium bed.
  • It can upgrade your premium pet bed according to your dog with high-quality comfortability at its core.


  • The only major con is that your dog may not like it. In that situation, one can replace it with another. It sounds like a waste of money but assumes the same situation if your dog child doesn’t like a premium pet bed.


1. Are covered beds good for dogs?

Ans. Yes, they are great for both pets and parents because brands understand their needs of protection on premium beds and hence use premium build materials and provide enhanced cushioning that dogs accept willingly.

2. Can you dry a dog bed cover?

Ans. The main purpose of pet bed covers is to protect premium expensive beds from any accidents like urinating, liquid spills and stains, etc hence they are manufactured with a primary focus on machine washable and drying compatibility.

3. Do dogs like clean beds?

Ans. Let me rephrase this question, DOgs only like clean beds because it is a common behavior we can observe on dogs that they always sit and lie on the surface after cleaning it with their tail/. The same goes with bed and that’s the reason, pet bed covers are primarily wash-focused.


Pet bed covers are a necessity of a premium pet bed because without them the beds that a parent spent a handsome amount of became unusable within no time forget durability because the primary focus of bed makers is to make it medically advanced and comfortability enhanced.

In that same scenario, a pet bed cover is made with a primary focus on making the bed durable. That is the reason this article not only mentions Best Waterproof Dog Bed Covers but also presents its detailed analysis to better understand the product in all aspects, therefore, providing parents an upper hand to drive best for their dog-child.

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