How To Choose The Best Dog Bed For An English Bulldog – Buyers Guide

Nowadays, an enormous amount of dog bed choices is available and it makes you overwhelmed with which bed to pick. After all your English BullDog needs a cozy and comfy bed in which he can easily stretch and chew toys.

Owing an English Bulldog is a responsibility, you need to provide them better food and shelter. Plus. They need special care because they come in small sizes but are quite heavier.

You can find better pet food in-store or online, but when looking for the best dog bed for an English bulldog, you need to understand the dog’s habits and behavior.

Bringing a dog bed that’s not suitable for dog needs or habits worsens the situation. So, we recommend going for the most comfortable and ideal dog bed for an English Bulldog.

So, what should you look like in a perfect comfortable dog bed?

Well, there are lots of things, but we recommend the most helpful one that allows your dog to sleep well.

What to look in the best dog bed for an English Bulldog?

1. Size of the bed

What’s your dog size and weight, determining these two can give you better options on dog beds. Typically, three types of English Bulldog beds are available, Small, Medium, and Large. In General, Medium size beds are by far the best dog bed and most bulldogs can easily sleep or lie down. Always bring a bed with more size than dogs’ actual size, so they can cuddle or sleep well.

2. Thickness of the bed

For a comfortable amount of sleep, pick a bed with maximum paddling. Look for a bed with at least four inches of thickness, it provides the dog extra support and thickness to make sure the dog won’t feel a floor hardness during sleep. Many beds come with multiple layers of the paddle, though they are expensive, they are the best in the market. If you can afford it, buy those beds.

3. Padding Material

Along with the thickness, you should also look for padding material. Most experts recommend memory foam in paddles, they are made with soft material and design and give a cozy feel to pets. A memory foam with a 2-inch thickness is much more comfortable than a 4-inch thick paddle with cheap material.

4. Washable

At some point, the dog bed will get dirty, if you don’t wash it, bacteria and germs will start to increase and it directly impacts your English BullDog health. So, it’s wise to get a bed with washable material and look for 100% machine washable. There are some beds which you can directly wash on the machine, not just a cover, but they are rare.

5. Non-Skid Bottom

When your dog sleeps or cuddles, the bed will be going to move aways or slide. A non-skid bottom ensures that the bed sticks to one position without any movement while your dog plays with toys, cuddles, or just changes sides during sleep.

6. Temperature regulation

Many beds become too hot or cool during a different season, dogs gonna directly fill these changes and it impacts their sleep hour and health. Make sure that the paddle has temperature regulation on it, which means it can handle normal environment or season changes without changing bed temperature or anything else. A dog that sleeps outside has a massive impact on these changes, so if your Bulldog sleeps there, make this feature your priority.

What are the Benefits of Choosing the Right Dog Bed for Bulldogs?

What are the Benefits of Choosing the Right Dog Bed for Bulldogs?

The inclusion of softcover, memory foam, and the right size bed is an ideal choice for dogs. Beds provide extra support to dogs’ joints and bones, so they stay strong.

Many beds come with pillows inside, so a dog can easily stretch their body after playing or waking up. Many research suggests that like humans, a dog needs deep and long sleep to stay healthy and active. Further, a dog bed also keeps your bulldog warm, supports arthritic joints, and prevents calluses.

For senior dogs who have muscle pain or arthritis, an Orthopedic bed gives them comfort and extra support to cope with it.

How Much Do English Bulldogs Sleep?

All dogs need sleep to recover both physically and mentally and every dog breed has its amount of sleep cycles to achieve better physical and mental health. On average, an English bulldog needs 12 to 14 hours of sleep regularly to stay energetic and active. Though dogs of every age have their own sleep needs, as the dog grows its sleeping hours reduce.

Why Do English Bulldogs Snore?

English Bulldogs snore a lot, they are charming and cute pets, but snores can put anyone on edge. There are several reasons for bulldog snores, but common ones are sleepless nights, baggy eyelids, and bloodshot eyes.

Apart from it, there are other reasons as well, such as an uncomfortable sleep position (mostly due to sleeping on the floor), food allergies, pain in bones or joints, or breathing issues

How To Reduce English Bulldog Snoring?

If your English Bulldog snores a lot and prevents you from getting better sleep or you don’t have a habit to sleep in a snoring environment, we’ve something that helps you to reduce your bulldog snores.

1. Get a bed

A soft and comfortable bed can drastically reduce snoring, they give extra support and a cozy feel that can never be felt on a couch or on the floor. A bed helps to sleep for more time with ease.

2. Check for allergy

If your dog is allergic to food or any material, stop feeding it or throw it out. Plus, stay away from your dog from dust, pollen, or environmental changes that have a direct impact on their respiratory conditions.

3. Get a doctor

Without any delay first, consult a doctor for better guidance.


Now we think you have a pretty decent idea of how to choose the best dog beds for English bulldogs. If you need more guidance on which bed is best for you, also check out our pick for the best dog beds.

All of our recommended beds are sizable, comfy, and come with soft memory foam that allows your dog to sleep freely and deeply.

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