What To Look in a Greyhound Dog Bed

It’s a tough job to find the best greyhound dog bed for your pet when you have no idea what type of bed a dog needs and when you purchase a bed that will be comfortable for them to sleep.

To consider these and other dog-related things in mind we’ve created a buying guide that gives you more idea of what you should be looking for while finding the best bed for greyhounds.

Different types of Dog Beds for Greyhounds

Typically there are 10 different types of dog beds available in the market. But, not all of them are the right choice for greyhounds. Greyhounds are kind of a beast dog breed and they don’t need a cutesy bed to sleep in, they need something that can improve their physical fitness and protect them from any joint pain.

We recommend four types of dog beds for Greyhounds:

1. Orthopedic Beds

Orthopedic Beds are for senior greyhounds who need extra support. Orthopedic Beds come with extra support to a dog’s bones and joints, especially for hips and elbows. Mostly, Orthopedic Beds are made with memory foam. With Orthopedic Dogs that are sleep supports greyhounds won’t be able to feel the floor through the bed.

2. Pillow Beds

Pillow Beds are mostly for puppies or small sizes greyhounds who are at a young age. These types of beds can be beneficial for dogs who have difficulty sleeping in a dog house or other types of dog beds. Pillow beds use a polyfill to support your dogs’ hips and spine.

3. Donut Beds

Donut beds come in a donut shape and give more comfort and relaxation to dogs who cope with anxiety. Also, Donut beds can be ideal for dogs who can dig and nest deeper. Donuts beds encourage your dog to curl up and help them to relax or enjoy their time on a bed.

4. Flat Beds

If you need a bed for a dog house then Flat Beds are by far the best choice. Plus, if your dog likes to spread out or lay flat while sleeping then it is also a good choice. Flatbeds come with a memory foam layer and support polyfill.

What to Consider When Choosing a Dog Bed for Greyhounds

1. Size

Dog bed comes in different sizes and shapes. First, you should know the size of your dog then you should consider the perfect size of the dog bed. There are four types of beds available; Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. You can also determine the types of beds through Greyhounds weight. If the dog’s weight is 18 kg or below then, a small size bed is sufficient.

While dogs from 19 to 27 kg weight can get better sleep on medium size bed and for those who have 28 to 54 kgs can go for large size bed. Extra Large beds are for beast dogs who are big in both size and shape. For them, a bed needs to be strong and durable.

2. Sturdiness

Sturdiness is an important factor when your dog chews. Mostly these habits are found in young dogs or puppies that chew to ease the pain of teething. While senior dogs chew to clean their teeth or to make their jaws strong. Another reason for dog chewing is when they are hungry. Chewing can tear apart bed material and the bed looks destructive. The situation becomes worse when pieces end up or are stuck in the pet’s stomach. So, it’s a smart choice to look after a bed that has high-quality material that comes with powerful sturdiness.

3. Material

A greyhound dog bed material should be soft and comfy, so it helps dogs to sleep better. While it also evaluates more room for a lie-down or stretches. Stay out from overly synthetic build materials, and look for anything that your greyhound might have allergic to. Not to mention, portable and lightweight material to carry in your car during vacation.

If your dog sleeps outside make sure the bed material is weatherproof and waterproof. So, if dogs pee it doesn’t harm the bed at all.

Know where you place the dog bed

If you have a dog house there is no doubt you gonna place a bed in it. But, if that’s not the case then look around your house and consider where you should put the bed. Will it be outside or on the floor?

Make sure that place has enough space for a greyhound dog bed. If your dog going to sleep outside, make sure to put a bed on a flat surface.

It’s always great to put a bed near the owner’s room or in the lobby to protect pets from any threat or environmental harm.

Buying Considerations For Greyhound Dog Bed

1. Environment

Make sure that where you place the dog bed has a suitable environment for dog health. Otherwise, greyhounds might feel ill or have side effects. Many researchers have indicated that dogs’ sleeping environment has a vast impact on their health and behavior. If a dog stays and sleeps in a comfortable environment it tends to stay calm and less aggressive behavior.

2. Dogs health and Age

Greyhounds are most like outside dogs and prone to arthritis and joint issues. It grows worse through ages. So, while purchasing a bed for greyhounds make sure that the bed is properly designed and comfortable so dogs can lie down and help them to stretch their joints. A dog’s age is also important because for a puppy you need a bed with a hoody and really smooth material while for a younger or senior dog, you don’t need to deal with a hoody or pillow-shaped bed. A straight bed would be sufficient.

3. Easy to Clean and washable

Every once in a while you need to wash the cover to clean dirt or unnecessary particles. For washing, you need a high-quality material that doesn’t really fade away the color or lose string during washing. Make sure that the cover material is easily removable and washable in the machine or with your own hands.


All the above factors determine what to look for in a greyhound dog bed. Keeping these things in mind helps you to purchase the best bed for greyhounds. Remember, greyhounds can sleep better when they have a perfect combination of comfort and a smooth experience in their bed.

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