How Much Do Vizsla Puppies Sleep? Know Everything About Vizsla

Vizsla dog breeds are the most known breed when it comes to athletics and sports as per the record of the American Kennel Club(AKC). They are physically fit, energetic breeds that also inherit traits like loyalty, affection, and gentle manners that make them a popular choice among Americans. So let’s discuss how Vizsla puppies sleep to maintain their healthy lifestyle in detail.

In conclusion, the vizsla dog breed is a healthy breed with an average life span of 12 to 15 years. However, a Vizsla Club of America survey puts the average age of vizsla dogs from 9 to 10 years.

The reason behind these decreased age span is common health issues found in Vizsla dogs like joint pains, orthopedic problems, etc among other inherited diseases. This increases the responsibility of a vizsla owner to care for their vizsla friend during childhood for their large and healthy life. And it is somewhat easy because, during puppyhood, the Vizsla Puppies Sleep high in comparison to adulthood where they are hyperactive and filled with enthusiasm. So let’s see the standard need for Vizsla puppies’ sleep.

How Much Sleep Does A Vizsla Puppy Need?

The average sleep duration of a Vizsla puppy is approx 14 hours and it is essential for the vital functions of the puppy. This long sleep helps the puppy to conserve energy and maintain higher immunity levels and also helps to balance their psychological health. This sleep cycle is generally seen among infants from 10 days old to several weeks.

It doesn’t mean that vizsla dogs are low-energy dogs because in adulthood they sleep for 6-7 hours at night and 3-4 hours in afternoons. Besides that, they are intensely involved in activities including sports, training, etc during day time.

Where should Vizslas sleep?

In adulthood, Vizsla dogs become very active and responsive during the day.

And they also like to indulge in great activities and training in comparison to other dog breeds.

That’s why a comfortable sleeper bed is a must for their proper sleep cycles and is recommended by all vizsla pet owners as an essential accessory.

Let’s discuss what more vizsla pet owners have to say and their observations about their child on practical ground.

Learn About the Vizsla Breed from a Vizsla Owner

Vizsla is among the most popular dog breeds in the United States and ranked 31st on popularity among 193 total dog breeds in the states according to the American Kennel Club.

Here are some of the interesting facts about Vizsla dogs that are based on practical grounds as per the reviews of the actual vizsla owner.

1. The vizslas during adulthood become very responsive and enthusiastic in comparison to other dog breeds.

During general training activities, Vizslas generally run at a speed of 40 km/hr that is far extensive and rare in any other dog breed.

2. Vizslas owners also recommend heated pet beds because it is essential to control the whole body temperature of vizslas according to their sleep time body heat which depends on the daily activities of the dog.

3. From the physical abilities vizslas may interpret as a robust and tough dog breed but vizslas dog parents notice that they are extremely sensitive and that’s why these gentle children required a sense of security and love from their parents.

They also seek their parents’ support during training and hence they should treat with Patience for consistent growth in training.

4. Unlike other dog breeds the vizslas are not a host of vast health issues. The inherited disease is also rare and low.

The dogs need regular care during puppyhood mostly and once they enter adulthood they are easy to get dogs that help and care for their parents and are highly involved in them in terms of caring and support.

These are some personal vizsla owners opinions and the pet owners focused respectively that one should highly take care of these dogs especially during puppyhood because they go slightly different growth levels during puppyhood and in adulthood to take extensive care on emotions levels.

Let’s discuss their growth and sleep stages in detail in the next section.

Vizsla Puppy Stages of Sleep and Growth

In this section, we closely examine the sleep and growth-related factors of vizsla puppies that make them differ in terms of growth in comparison to any other dog breed.

This process also explains the need for vizsla puppies to sleep extensively because so much happening rapidly in terms of growth in their body that they get exhausted even if they are not doing any physical activities.

We divided the age groups according to the change happening related to growth and sleep stages of vizsla puppies

Whelping to three weeks

Whelping is the term for the process that a mother goes through to give birth to vizsla puppies. An interesting fact is that vizsla puppies are deaf and blind at the time of birth. They only have a sense of taste and smell. Also in this just born stage, they can’t remain warm by themselves and hence need their mother.

The puppies sleep 90% of their time and in the remaining 10%, they either spend nursing or eliminating. The eyes open at around 2nd week and ears follow at 3rd week. Baby teeth also start growing within the 3rd week.

Three to seven weeks

By now, the puppy can hear, chew and see. The puppy also becomes curious and active as their body can now remain warm by itself and no longer need a mother to keep them warm.

In this stage, the puppy also gains weight rapidly at a rate of a pound per week. In this stage too, there are also so many sleep cycles on small activity duration that goes up to 70% of the day spent on sleeping.

Second to the third month

At this stage, the puppy gets self-dependent and able to learn skills like potty training, basic obedient skills, etc. They no longer depend on their mother for any direct needs.

Although this phase of learning new things puts stress on the little puppy especially during the crate training period at night. Even in this suffering of stress, sleeping is the top priority for the puppy because their body demands it as an essential need.

Three to four months

In this stage, the puppy still takes the puppy meals that are insufficient for their body and hence demands meals frequently.

The several important body parts and organs are growing and transforming rapidly in this stage like bones, skeletal systems, brain, gastrointestinal system, and bowel, etc. toward maturity. That’s why a lot of sleep is required and as a pet owner, you can notice these sleep duration in between training, potty breaks, eating, eliminating, etc.

Four to ten months

At around the sixth month, vizsla starts eating large quantities of meals like an adult and reduces the meal spans because now the meal quantity has increased.

In this stage, the vizsla gets more control over bladder and bowel functionalities. The only thing that remains the same as the previous stage is their need and priority of sleep.

Ten months to a year

At this stage, you vizsla finally start to look like an adult and the legs are now fully grown with a long slim, and robust muscular physique. In this stage, the vizsla starts to indulge highly in daily activities instead of sleeping as a priority.

A year to older

During this fully grown vizsla, they still switched between intense activity and intense sleep on other days. But even with a full day of highly intense activities and exercise, vizsla still needs a good long 8-10 hours sleep to recover the enthusiasm and energy.

Do Vizslas sleep at night?

Yes, vizsla dogs sleep mostly at night independent of their life stage.

However, during adulthood, they are highly active hence night sleep is generally not sufficient for them hence they also sleep in the afternoon for some hours.

During puppyhood, vizsla puppies sleep during the daytime too but research shows most of the growth factor is linked with a good night’s sleep in the case of vizsla dog breeds.

How long can a Vizsla puppy be left alone?

During puppyhood, most of the development on physiology levels of vizsla puppies occurs and by nature, they are sensitive dogs.

This is the major reason that vizsla puppies are highly connected to their parents during childhood and that’s why it is not recommended to a vizsla parent to leave them alone for more than 1 hour while they are awake.

How much should I exercise my Vizsla puppy?

The growth of vizsla puppies depends majorly on high sleep cycles instead of activities or training.

In this infant duration of vizsla, they are awake for only 3-4 hours between their next sleep nap.

Hence in this 3-4 hours duration, 15-20 minutes of exercise packed with remaining general activity is sufficient for their healthy growth.

Can Vizslas sleep outside?

The Vizsla dog breed is a royal breed hence they never liked and should not be forced to sleep outside.

This is an inherited trait in the Vizslas and the main reason behind this is that vizsla was originally bred as hunting dogs but Hungarians made them a symbol of royalty and hence restricts their breeding in several ways to make vizslas behave like a royal dog breed.

How far should I walk my Vizsla puppy?

As a 12 week or older puppy, an exercise of 15-20 minutes or a maximum of 30 minutes is quite sufficient comprises activities like muscle exercises, walking, etc.

Generally, a 45 to 60 minutes walk is even sufficient for a grown vizsla.

Every dog is different though and the stamina also fluctuates majorly from dog to dog so it is advisable to check the potential of your puppy with several walks without stressing much on the average time mentioned above.

How much exercise does a Vizsla need daily?

A full-grown Vizsla during adulthood needs almost 1-2 horses of extensive exercise and training according to their behavior for healthy growth both on physical and mental levels.

They also walk around owners as their shadows and indulge in other slight activities like a good walk, playing, etc. as their general nature apart from daily extensive exercise.

Do Vizslas have separation anxiety?

The Vizsla dogs hate to be alone, especially at home. They love to be out there alone in the woods and spend their time hunting. But if they are alone in the home they easily get irritated and suffer from boredom. They show this displeasure and loneliness by barking, howling, and even extensively chewing anything they found.

How much walking does a Vizsla need?

A full-grown vizsla in adulthood needs a minimum of 45-60 minutes of walking daily. However, this comes down to the case of 12week old puppy with 15-20 minutes daily. The vizsla in adulthood can go on without a limit so then it more depends on the parent rather than vizsla.

Where should Vizsla puppies sleep?

As we discussed earlier, vizslas puppies sleep higher and that’s why a good sleep bed is a must for them.

Vizsla pet owners even recommend a heated pet bed because the temperature of vizsla puppies differs highly within a short duration depending on activities levels, higher sleep levels, etc.

How many hours of exercise does a Vizsla need?

As we already know by now that vizsla is an active breed of dogs that’s why 60 minutes of daily exercise is a must in the case of a full-grown vizsla dog. The vizsla has the potential of far more than 60 minutes so they easily exercise more than this within a day and that is perfectly healthy.

However, if your dog is not doing exercises for a minimum of 60 minutes a day then it is a matter of concern as a parent.

How often should a Vizsla be walked?

Vizsla is a highly responsive breed that shows characteristics of enthusiasm and sports functionalities extensively. Hence they like to walk daily and it is recommended because it is very beneficial for their growth and while walking the dog also tries to connect with the parent on the psychological levels.

How far can you walk a Vizsla?

The vizsla can walk and do this slight range activity all day because it is a hunting breed dog. So the duration of the walk depends solely on the appetite of the parent.

It is generally recommended that for a full-grown vizsla, a minimum 45-60 minutes walk is minimum daily. But the more a vizsla parent can extend the more it is good for their pet child.

What does it mean when your dog goes under the covers?

Although this similar nature seems in various dog breeds and indicates directly that the dog wants to feel a sense of security. But in the case of vizsla, it means that your dog is seeking the company of you as a parent.

As a sensitive breed vizsla gets sad and anxious easily and hence needs the love of their parents whenever they do things like go or sleep under the covers etc.


Vizsla puppies go through a different kind of growth cycle during the early stages of their life. Due to this reason, they face various levels both emotionally and physically. Hence they need extensive care from their parents for their appropriate nourishment and healthy development. This article serves as a guide that explains all minor details to new parents about caring for their vizsla puppies’ sleep, growth stages, and other requirements so that they feel comfortable and homely.

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