Why Dogs Chew Their Beds & How To Stop It Quickly?

Have you ever come across a situation when you are just about to enter your room and you find your dog standing still and staring at you from the ragged left out of the bed that you bought for him after doing so much research? If he had executed his innocent deed when you found him or if he was already on the task to destroy his asset, you may stand there confused over the fact that what may have come across his mind is that he decided to demolish his soft and comforting den.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the problem is not only yours but for many. Myriad dog owners have already spent a decent amount of their money and effort purchasing a good bed for their dogs but ultimately it ended up being a chewing toy. But to be frank, it is also not the fault of your dog because it is in their natural instinct to chew things which obviously seems an impractical course of action for us.

Why Dogs Chew Their Beds?

To answer your Question that why dogs chew their beds, let’s see the matter in a detailed way. From the puppy-hood of your dog, chewing plays a vital and multi-purpose role in their life. There are many reasons for it but to mention one of the most essential reasons is to keep the teeth perfectly healthy, especially during their teething stage of life.

Puppies, as well as young dogs, likes to play the house and during that period, they seem to have the tendency to chew on objects as an approach to learn new things, and during the process, if they develop your interest in it, the process becomes more interesting for them.

Absolutely, This reflects that you are also having fun when your dog chews on something if you go after your dog when you come to know about his deeds. So, like almost every other puppy owner you may also think that your cute furry friend is naturally bound to chew on objects and perform their hunting skills by demolishing objects, however you are only partially right because there are several other aspects to it. If your dog has already entered adulthood, and he is still tearing apart his den, it may be due to an increased level of stress or due to anxiety, or boredom.

When we hear the word ‘Boredom’, we consider it the main aspect of such act mostly as it is way more easy and familiar to us to conclude. But also if your dog is too lazy to move and doesn’t have good physical activity and doesn’t develop his interest in his other toys, he tends to enjoy his bed by turning it into a toy.

However, the conundrum is why the bed particularly? See the bed is made up of soft and flabby materials which when touched by your dog feel him as if he is touching his prey. When your dog feels like that, he takes such a posture as if he is biting down his prey which is equally soft as a rabbit or squirrel. You may also think that your dog has simply done such things because it was available to him and you may be right. But if the main cause of the behavior is anxiety, you should consult a veterinarian.

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Choosing The Best Dog Bed for Chewers?

As a pet owner, you have got a variety of options when you are planning to buy a nest for your dog to chew their bed. But, to be very honest, no dog bed is 100% indestructible because no matter how good is the quality or durability of the bed, if your dog is determined that he will use his bed as a toy, then it becomes very difficult to stop him from doing that.

However, when you are looking out for purchasing a dog bed, there are some important aspects to keep in mind. Here’s what you should take under consideration and research before purchasing a bed for your furry friend.

  • Protection
  • Convenience
  • Quality of the Material
  • Cleaning Ability
  • Guarantee Policy

Do Chew Proof Dog Beds Exist?

You are not the only one to think of this type of question and the answer is a YES. There are plenty of options you will find in the market for your dog to chew their bed which has high durability and toughness (still comfortable) specially designed for the chewers present in your life. Some of the beds are even approved by shelters and vets everywhere. ( Note: No dog bed is fully indestructible.)

How to stop your dog from chewing his bed?

When your dog doesn’t get relief from his natural chewing habit, and if you assume that it is due to his stress or anxiety, you can always consult a veterinarian who will later decide whether it needs any medical help or otherwise he will consult you to a behaviorist. However, before taking any step you should first try to get off the habit from your dog. We have mentioned some tips for you below which will help your dog to stop chewing their bed:

  • Purchase Beds that are Chew-Proof
  • Usage of Preventive Spray
  • Keep the TV on while you are not around
  • Provide them Toys to chew.
  • Back The Word “NO”


Bed-chewing is considered a frustrating behavior for dog owners, and even more annoying to find out why do they do so and what are the ways to prevent them from doing it. It is significant to keep in mind that when your dog fools around, he is actually trying to have a conversation with you.

Always keep down the urge to punish your little friend, which may ultimately hamper your relationship with your dog, rather see what is bothering him and try to fix it as much as you can. A little bit of effort from you will cherish the beautiful relationship between and your pet and also help you to get the conclusion to your problem.

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